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Royal Imperial Caviars


Malossol - Tender, with a pleasant, strong taste and soft eggs. Malossol sturgeon caviar is the most delicate eggs and the most intense, well-formed taste of caviar. The distinctive flavour makes it ideal for toasting and tartlets. It goes especially well with mascarpone or a thin layer of butter.

Ossetra Malossol - Buttery texture and fully balanced flavour that ranges between nutty and fruity. The colour of pearl ranges from greyish, olive green to dark brown.

Beluga Caviar - Widely regarded as the most luxurious and sought-after type of caviar, due to its large size, buttery texture, and delicate flavour.


Storage temperature and shelf life:

At -6 to 4 ° C - six months from the date of purchase
At 0 to 5 ° C - two months from the date of purchase

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