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Chef Panna Ai Funghi

  • Panna Chef with Porcini Mushrooms has the intense flavour of porcini mushrooms linked to the delicacy of Panna Chef: something unique in the kitchen. It is a product indicated in recipes where mushrooms are already present or to replace them. It is also exceptional on its own to season first courses of all kinds, from tortellini to risotto and is fantastic for softening and flavouring slow-cooked meats.
  • Chef-flavored Panne allows you to indulge your creativity in the kitchen. Quality raw materials meet the delicacy of Chef cream to add flavour to your everyday recipes.
  • With its enveloping taste and its conductivity, Cream with Porcini Mushrooms is perfect for seasoning your first courses.
  • Try it for example to enhance the flavour of egg pasta such as tagliatelle: all you have to do is drain the pasta al dente, heat the cream so that it becomes even more homogeneous and velvety, and sauté the tagliatelle for a few minutes.
  • Also perfect to accompany your meat main courses, thanks to its aroma and delicate flavour, you can easily prepare the boscaiola chicken breast, saving time and bringing a creamy and tasty second course to the table.
  • Cooking cream, preparation of porcini mushrooms (corn starch, salt, porcini mushrooms - boletus edulis and its group, natural extract of porcini mushroom), thickener: carrageenan. Porcini mushrooms: 4.0%.
  • It does not contain gluten.

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