Ways to Reduce Waste While Shopping

It's Earth month! Here are a couple of ways to repurpose our Stock T.C containers and ways to reduce waste while shopping. 
1. Paper bags 
If you find yourself with a huge stash of paper grocery bags, there are multiple ways you can reuse them:
  • Reuse them the next time you go grocery shopping
  • Use as gift bags and or tags
  • Use as storage bins
  • Wrap up a bouquet
  • Use as gift bags
  • Use as shopping bags
  • Lunch box
Did you know our reusable bags are made with recycled paper? Not only is it fashionable, but is also great for the environment.

4. Produce bags 
Mesh produce bags replace plastic bags for produce shopping and storage. You can also use them for laundering delicate items, taking them to the beach and many more!
Not only are they durable but are also multipurpose.
  • Use when shopping frozen and warm foods
  • Heading to the beach? Thermal bags can be used as picnic cooler. Just  put ice packs and you’re ready to go!
  • Wet gear bag - Summer is just around the corner. You can use thermal bags to store your wet suits, bikini and more
Ways to repurpose Stock T.C jars: You've got to the bottom of your favourite Stock T.C sauces, now what do you do with the jar? We have a lot of ideas for you to repurpose your jars.
1. Dessert Jar: Perfect for snacking on the go
2. Propagating plants
3. Food storage. Use your glass jar to store delicious combinations of homemade oils, spices, and more!
Good luck!